Felix Barca
Professional Photographer


When I walked into the darkroom with my father for the first time I was 9 years old, and I could never have imagined the remarkable journey that was about to begin. He gave me the joy of taking pictures and playing with them, and from that day the camera has stayed by my side. I started my journey with film photography and later, when digital kicked in, I got my first Kodak 2.1 mpx camera. I was blown away by the versatility of digital photography, and I began my photography business in 2008. Since then, I have taken thousands of pictures for models’ portfolios, events, concerts, product promotion, and of course art.

My style of photography is one that celebrates the naturalness of purely unique, unrepeatable moments. Rather than relying on tired, overused poses, I encourage my subjects to move intuitively and be themselves in front of the camera. One of my skills is helping people smile naturally in front of the camera. All the models I worked with told me that they never felt so free and unconstrained during a photo session.

Every person I worked with inspires me in different ways, pushing me to new heights. I believe that the trust between photographer and subject, as the two coauthor a story through images captured, is what this art form is all about.

I love working with images that tell stories; I love creating setups and finding cool spots as I plan a photo session.

After graduating from Serge Ramelli’s classes, my skills using Lightroom improved greatly and editing images became my new passion. I believe that there’s more to show in an image once you play with shadows, colors, and filters. Add to this is my 25 years experience as a Graphic Designer and Creative Director, and what you find is a passionate photographer who appreciates every aspect of the art.

Let’s tell a story together. Let’s grab a coffee or have lunch and take some time to chat. Let’s create something beautiful.

You can find me at www.feliximages.com

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